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Protecting generations of established wealth today for lifetimes to come

MidFirst Private Bank for generational family wealth

When you plan for your legacy, your decisions will impact the future of your family's continued wealth. To ensure that the wealth you've amassed -- or the one you and your family inherited-lasts for generations to come, partner with MidFirst Private Bank.

In addition, MidFirst Private Bank is also able to offer specialized services to those with generational family wealth needs:

  • Manage money and credit needs, with concierge-level service
  • Transfer assets to heirs or other parties through trust and estate management
  • Prepare your family for new financial needs
  • Minimize tax burdens
  • Maximize capital investments
  • Review life insurance policies and options
  • Living will and/or trust and estate planning
  • Foundation establishment and management

We want to help you pass down the wealth you have today, exactly as you intend. Consult with us today about how you can not only manage your wealth, but grow it with us for an even greater legacy.