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Specialty lending and financing loans

Some investments require a different kind of financing, in addition to a higher level of service and expertise. From stock-secured loans to lines to exercise stock options and more, your private banker can help tailor a variety of specialty lending options to your specific needs and investment dreams.

Stock-Secured Loans

Utilize your valuable stock portfolio to help finance your funding needs, with margin loans and lines of credit to create liquidity in portfolios or with lines of credit from investment portfolios.

Lines to Exercise Stock Options

MidFirst Private Bank offers lines to exercise stock options, creating timely and tax-efficient portfolios to generate additional wealth-a transaction easily conducted with the assistance of your dedicated private banker.

Investment Properties

Build your investment properties and residential real estate portfolio through MidFirst Private Bank's customized financing solutions. Variable term, flexible or fixed financing rates are available.

Oil & Gas

Some investments are more complex than others, requiring a higher level of understanding. Oil and gas are among those specialty loans and MidFirst Private Bank has the knowledge and expertise to help you manage them today.

Private Equity and Hedge Funds

In addition to credit facilities secured with readily marketable securities, MidFirst Private Bank can also custom tailor lines of credit secured with private equity funds, hedge funds and some other alternative asset classes.

Contact MidFirst Private Bank today, or speak with a private banker, to learn more about how you can maximize your investments.