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The right long-term solutions for high-net-worth individuals

Trust and estate management services

Creating a legacy that lasts beyond your lifetime allows you to have an enduring impact on future generations, ranging from just your immediate family to your entire community. Together with MidFirst Private Bank's trust professionals you can work to develop the right trust and estate service strategies to ensure your objectives are met - now and well into the future. 

Whatever your level of wealth, you'll want to execute basic estate planning documents in the form of a will or a revocable living trust. If you have accumulated substantial wealth, you may need more far-reaching plans to arrange for an efficient transfer of assets to your heirs or other parties, which is why MidFirst Private Bank offers expert advice in: 

  • Trust Administration
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration & Settlement
  • IRAs
  • Custody
  • Special Needs Trusts & Guardianships
  • Real Estate & Oil and Gas Management

Our trust officers provide the care, consideration and custom solutions that every trust and estate-planning situation requires. Contact MidFirst Private Bank to speak with a trust officer today, or continue to browse through our trust and estate services.

Trust Administration

As your corporate trustee, MidFirst Private Bank is prepared to safeguard, preserve, and manage your assets if you become unwilling or unable to do so, or even if you simply no longer wish to shoulder this responsibility.
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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a very personal process and one that assures your family's financial future. Tailoring services to the needs of your accumulated substantial wealth, MidFirst Private Bank will work with you, your family and your legal council to develop a more far-reaching plan to arrange for the transfer of assets to your heirs, established foundations or other parties.
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Estate Administration & Settlement

We adhere to the strict ethical standards of a fiduciary. Integrity is the key attribute we seek in each of our trust professionals, ensuring that our clients’ needs are met and that their interests and assets are protected.
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Retirement may be one of the most significant financial transitions you will face in your lifetime. Prepare for it today by working with MidFirst Private Bank to understand and manage both the financial and tax implications associated with retirement, and find the best investment options for your goals and vision of your family's future.
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MidFirst Private Bank’s trust professionals will help meet your objectives now and well into the future.
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Special Needs Trusts & Guardianships

Our team and structure ensures continuous administration of your trust. We are an impartial third party that will act in the interest of the trust.
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Real Estate & Oil and Gas Management

Being located in the center of the largest oil and gas properties areas in the country, MidFirst Private Bank has the knowledge and expertise to manage your interests.
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