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MidFirst Bank Trust Administration

As your corporate trustee, MidFirst Private Bank is prepared to safeguard, preserve, and manage your assets if you become unwilling or unable to do so, or even if you simply no longer wish to shoulder this responsibility.

You'll find that integrity is the cornerstone of MidFirst's commitment to you. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your needs will be met and that your assets are protected, with:

  • Experience - A team of full-time trust professionals who know the complexities of trust solutions.
  • Permanence - MidFirst Private Bank is an institution committed to the communities we serve.
  • Continuity - Our team and structure ensures continuous administration of your trust
  • Objectivity - We are an impartial third-party that will act solely in the interest of the trust
  • Longevity - We are especially valuable when trusts are scheduled to last for generations

Personal Trusts

In your financial management toolbox, a Trust provides some advantages. Working with your attorney, we can help create a Trust that will enhance your financial plans. 

Living Trust

During your lifetime, a Living Trust can be a valuable source of protection should you become incapacitated. After your death, the trust document can include instructions for continued management or distribution of your assets without the formal estate probate process, which often forces loved ones to wait before they can benefit from your gifts.

Your attorney can draft the legal trust document. As trustee, we will follow the instructions outlined in the document for management of the trusts assets.

Testamentary Trust

A Testamentary Trust becomes effective after your death. Your attorney includes instructions for this type of trust in your will, to provide for your loved ones and possibly minimize the tax on your estate.

Charitable Trust

Many understand that charitable gifts reduce taxes. Less know about how a Charitable Trust will allow you to enjoy some of the tax benefits of charitable giving and still provide ongoing benefits for loved ones.

A Charitable Trust can be established during your lifetime (Living Trust) or after your death (Testamentary Trust). 

Contact MidFirst Private Bank to speak with a trust officer or your dedicated private banker today to discover how we can tailor your trust administration needs to your unique financial situation.